Describe Gulliver's ordeals after he was set adrift in the ocean by the pirates.

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At the beginning of Part III, Gulliver's ship is boarded by pirates who determine to set him adrift in a small sailboat with a few days' worth of food and water.  He could see a group of islands in the distance, and so he set off in that direction.  There, he found food and made a fire, sleeping for a night under a rock ledge.  The next day, he sailed to another of the islands in the cluster and so on for several days after that (he claims he does not want to bore us with a detailed account of those days), and on the fifth day he landed on the final island in the group.  It was very rocky, as the others had been, and he began to lose hope of survival until he spotted an island floating, about two miles above the surface of the earth, and he could see (with his pocket telescope) people moving around on it.  He succeeded in getting their attention, and they sent down a seat for him on which he could be brought up with pulleys.  Thus, he arrives on Laputa.

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