Describe Gulliver's life at Brobdingnag.

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When Gulliver arrives in Brobdingnag, he immediately assumes that one its giant residents will snatch him up and dash him to the ground or eat him (just as he was tempted to do with the tiny Lilliputians when he landed in Lilliput).  When he is picked up by a farmer, that farmer realizes how easily he can exploit Gulliver and make a lot of money by forcing him, a novelty due to his tiny size, to perform.  So, he demands that Gulliver work so much that it takes a substantial toll on Gulliver's physical and emotional health. 

The farmer sells Gulliver to the king and queen of Brobdingnag, and he goes to court to live with them, accompanied by the farmer's daughter, Glumdalclitch, the little girl who helps to take care of him.  He amuses everyone at court a great deal -- except for the jester who hates him -- though he gets into a few scrapes.  Eventually, they made him a special box in which he could safely accompany Glumdalclitch outside the castle.  One day, however, this box is picked up by a large bird, with him inside, and it is dropped into the ocean.  One day, it is picked up by a passing ship that eventually returns Gulliver to his home.

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