Describe the Grangerfords house. What is Huck's impression of their house?

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The Grangerfords' house is grand and imposing, and Huck is totally overwhelmed by it. The Grangerfords are an aristocratic Southern clan and their house reflects their massive wealth. They have servants everywhere, and also a fair bit of land. Inside the house itself there are books and pictures galore, plenty of grand furniture, and so on. Although Huck himself is overawed by the luxury of the place,Twain intends the description of the house to be a satirical one. The Grangerfords believe themselves to be extremely genteel, with all manner of artistic and romantic pretensions, for example in the way that they preserve the room of their dead daughter and her sentimental drawings. However, they are also continually engaged in a violent feud with their neighbours the Shepherdsons, which undermines all their pretensions to civility and refinement.

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