Describe the government of Oceania.

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The dystopian government of Oceania in Orwell's novel can be identified as a totalitarian regime, which is a form of government where that state has unlimited authority and strives to regulate every aspect of society. Throughout the novel, Big Brother is the symbolic figurehead of the government, and the Party controls its populace through various means of propaganda, economic disparity, manufactured hysteria, and intimidation. While the majority of the citizens, who are referred to as proles, live in poverty and ignorance, the Inner and Outer Party members are subjected to strict government surveillance and regulations.

The foreboding image of Big Brother, which resembles an aspect of Stalin's propaganda campaign, can be found everywhere throughout the state. Government spies, known as the Thought Police, arrest dissidents while surveillance cameras, known as telescreens, adorn the walls of every apartment. The four government ministries are in charge of keeping the populace frightened, misinformed, and at an economic disadvantage. Citizens are expected and required to dedicate their lives to the state and believe the illogical government propaganda by engaging in "doublethink." Conforming to and meeting Big Brother's standards is paramount in this dystopian society, and Winston Smith rebels against the regime by attempting to join the Brotherhood.

Overall, the authoritative, totalitarian regime suppresses individual freedoms and controls virtually every aspect of Oceania's society.

kmj23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The government of Oceania is a totalitarian dictatorship, meaning that it demands total and complete subservience from Party members. The Party's figurehead, or symbolic leader, is Big Brother. Below him are the inner Party members, like O'Brien, and ordinary Party members, like Winston and Julia. 

The government came to power after a revolution and completely transformed English society. The Party abolished all laws, for instance, but this only enabled their power to grow since they control every aspect of life in Oceania and the threat of violence and torture keeps the people in a state of fear. They constantly monitor the movements and conversations of Party members through the telescreens and hidden microphones, for example, and they control the supply of food and other goods and necessities, like razor blades and housing.

To further consolidate its power, the Party is developing its own language called Newspeak. This condensed, stripped- down version of English seeks to eradicate any possibility of dissent by making it impossible to express any negative opinions about the Party.

Interestingly, the government does not try to control the proles, who live in their own district and rule themselves. Party propaganda, however, has dehumanized and negatively characterized the proles, meaning that they no longer pose a threat to the Party's power.

goreadabook eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The government in Oceania is Totalitarian meaning that they are unwilling to tolerate any ideas outside of their own.  They control the freedom, will, and even the thoughts of the people by means of fear and manipulation.  Big Brother is an omnicient, god-like figure who serves as the leader and face of The Party.  While his existence is uncertain, his power over the people is unquestionable.  He is representative of twentieth-century dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Tse-tung.

The Inner Party consists of members who work in the Ministry of Love and tend to secretive, high-priority matters such as reconditioning and vaporizations.  They make up approximately 2% of the population of Oceania and include members of the Thought Police, the people responsible for arresting thought criminals.

The Outer Party consists of members who work in the other Ministries and tend to lower-priority government business.  The protagonist, Winston Smith, is an Outer Party member who works in the Ministry of Truth where he alters history to suit the desires and image of the Inner Party.  The Outer Party makes up approximately 14% of the population of Oceania.

to put it simply in one word: totalitarian.

they have total control over their people, the ones they dont have control over, get tortured until they do or get killed in the process.

to put it simply in one word: totalitarian.

they have total control over their people, the ones they dont have control over, get tortured until they do ro get killed in the process.