Describe and give examples of each of the following:a) Company mission statementb) Strategic objectivesc) Corporate objectivesd) Marketing objectives.

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clamo88 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Company mission statement is a brief declarative of why a business is in business.  Example from "We believe that the Internet should be public, open and accessible."

Seemingly simple when you see them, mission statements can be truly difficult to write.  I once heard someone call them the company birthmark.

The mission statement provides guidance in determining corporate goals.  Many organizations also write a Values Statement that guides the execution of the mission.  Corporate goals are the desired result of being in business; they're what the business intends to do to achieve its mission.

If my mission were similar to Mozilla's, one of my goals would be that my philosophy would become widely accepted and supported throughout the world. Another goal would be that we provide a web browser to provide people the means to our mission.

Corporate objectives are the steps the business takes to reach corporate goals. These change more often than mission or goal and usually have target dates and/or numbers associated so the business can measure its progress.

Using the above example, one objective would be creation of an open-source, fully accessible browser that could be used by anyone, from any language, using any type of adaptive software, from any computer platform.  I would set target dates for development of this objective and its subsequent updates, and so on.

Strategic objectives may be part of the corporate objectives or may be a subset of corporate objectives. Objectives may change to achieve a specific shift in direction or introduce something new from how the business has carried out its mission in the past.  These sometimes get called strategic objectives to differentiate them from the general objectives or to convey a sense of something new to the work force.

Each division within a business should have its own objectives that drive that division's work in support of corporate objectives and the mission. Marketing objectives are one of those subsets of corporate objectives.