Describe and give an example of each of the following. Indicate in your discussion the selection advantage of each.   1.pheromones 2.mimicry 3.stereotyped behavior (instinct)

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Mimicry provides a selective, favorable advantage to the organism that mimics another organism. An example is the harmless milk snake which resembles the false coral snake(not too harmful) in terms of coloration as does the Coral snake(very poisonous). The milk snake convergent evolution with the false coral snake gives it a coloration pattern that will keep predators away, thus, an advantage is conferred. Instincts are advantageous as they are innate, unlearned behaviors that favor an organism's survival. For example, geese imprint on the first object they see and since that is usually the mother, this behavior improves the odds that the young goose will survive. Pheromones are scents that are stimuli to members of the same species and cause a particular response. If the pheromones are for reproductive purposes, to attract a mate, the advantage is for survival and for transferring genes to the next generation, thus being "fit" as stated in Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection.

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