Describe a get together or a party in the same way as depicted in the story "Thanksgiving Day."   

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Based upon the fact that the story "Thanksgiving Day," by Susan Minot, details the events of a Thanksgiving dinner at Ma and Pa Vincent's home, one would be expected, in an assignment, to describe their own personal experiences with a party or get together in the same way.

Therefore, what is expected in a detailing like this, one needs to include dialogue, conflict, and how they experience the actual physical environment.

An example of this would be:

We could not wait to get to Gram's house. Christmas at her house was always wonderful. The smells drifting from the house were strong enough to fill our nostrils as we stepped out of the car.

Once inside, we were always taken aback by the masses of presents under the massive tree. It seemed that every color of the rainbow had been allowed to snuggle up under the tree.

After our initial hugs from relatives we have not seen for a year, conversations turned to what has happened in our lives since we were last together.

After this, you would simply go on to detail conversations, more descriptive details of the environment, and any conflicts which were typical of the coming together.


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