Describe Frankenstein's upbringing.

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Victor Frankenstein describes his upbringing as happy. Born into a wealthy, loving, and distinguished family and raised in Geneva, Victor is the eldest of three sons. In addition, he has an adoptive sister Elizabeth Lavenza, who was basically his betrothed since the two were very young.

Victor was especially close with his mother Catherine, who died when Victor was young. The bond Victor had with his mother is a kind of impetus for his interest in reanimation, since he was deeply wounded by her untimely death.

Victor was always intellectually curious, a trait that led him to in-depth academic studies at the encouragement of his father. In fact, Victor partially blames his father for not reigning in Victor’s wild imagination.

Overall, Victor believes he is lucky to have had such supportive, caring parents, even if they lacked somewhat in their ability to discipline him.

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