Describe the formation of platelets from pluripotent stem cells, including the influence of hormones.medical anatomy

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Platelets or thrombocytes are responsible for normal blood clotting, they are formed by hematopoietic tissues. They are cell fragments derived from megakaryocyte precursors. The average person produces 3-10 billion erythrocytes, neutrophils, and platelets per hour. These cells are formed by a process called cell differentiation. Many cells are formed by pluripotent stem cells, these cells can differentiate into various types of cells including platelets. Intermediate cell types determine which progeny will turn into which cell type.

Pluripotent cells can form lymphoid or myeloid cells. Myeloid cells synthesize erythrocytes and platelets are synthesized by megakaryocytes. Hormonal influences also play a role in the differentiation process: estrogen's, progesterone, testosterone, and others must be present in sufficient quantities to assist in the synthesis of the thrombocytes. A number of ions must also be present to complete the process.

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