Describe the first meeting between Gulliver and the Emperor.  

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The Emperor of Lilliput sends an emissary bearing the royal signet to meet Gulliver while he is still tied down, but he does not actually meet the man until later. He is carried to the capital in a massive machine constructed for the purpose, and after he is dragged to the city (and is allowed to relieve himself) he meets the Emperor. The Emperor is surrounding by a noble retinue, and he stays a safe distance from Gulliver, at the command of his bodyguards. Gulliver describes him as dignified and "majestic" in his "deportment." The giant Gulliver rolls over on his side to address him, and tries to speak as many languages as he knows, but they cannot understand each other. In any case, the Emperor is clearly interested in making a political ally of Gulliver.


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