Describe the Finch house in To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Atticus Finch and his family "lived on the main residential street" in Maycomb (although the exact name of the street is never mentioned in To Kill a Mockingbird). The Finch house has steps leading up to the porch, which includes a swing that Atticus often shares with Scout. There is a swinging door that leads from the kitchen--Calpurnia's domicile--to the dining room. Jem's bedroom adjoins Scout's bedroom, and Aunt Alexandra inhabits the guest room. Atticus spends most of his time reading in the living room. The house has a fireplace with a mantelpiece above. Like many homes in the South, the Finch house sits well above the ground (we know this because Scout retrieves an old tire from under the house to ride onto the Radley steps). A short fence separates the Finch house from their next door neighbor, Miss Rachel (Dill's aunt). Two doors down is Mrs. Dubose's house, and next door to that is the Radley Place. Beyond there, the school borders the Radley property.

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The Finches live in the town of Maycomb on the main street in town.  The house has a comfortable porch with chairs and a rocker.  There is shrubbery at the edge of the porch.  Wisteria vines crawl along side the porch.  The house has a front and a backyard. There is also a porch swing.  Off to the side of the house is a wood pile that the children play in sometimes.  Jem, Scout, and Atticus each have their own room and there is a guest room for Aunt Alexandra.  There is a dining room, a parlor, and a kitchen. The house is probably not very feminine since Atticus has lived there for many years without female companionship.