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Robinson Crusoe

by Daniel Defoe

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Describe the feelings of young Robinson during his first voyage.

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Of his first voyage, the young Robinson Crusoe says the following, showing that he was miserable and frightened during his trip:

Never any young adventurer’s misfortunes, I believe, began sooner, or continued longer than mine. The ship was no sooner out of the Humber than the wind began to blow and the sea to rise in a most frightful manner; and, as I had never been at sea before, I was most inexpressibly sick in body and terrified in mind.

Robinson has ventured out to sea against the firm wishes of his mother and father, who had forbidden him to leave dry land. He goes off without telling them, and begins, being frightened by this first voyage, to wonder if he should not have paid attention to what they told him.

He says the sea continues to terrify him during the whole journey, though he later realizes that the waves were not as high or dangerous as he imagined. Every time the ship goes up and down on the sea, he vows to God that if he is brought to shore safely, he will obey his parents and never set foot on a ship again. Of course, as we know, that is a vow he breaks.

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