Describe the farm that David lives on. 

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

That is not so easy to do.  Even David Strorm admits to readers that he has difficulty describing his family's house and farm.  

Our house is not easy to describe.

One certainty about the house is that it is old.  David tells readers that his grandfather built the house more than fifty years prior.  David also tells readers that the house was the best and biggest in the entire Waknuk society.  

As the house was the largest and best in Waknuk, so was the room.

The house is not big because it was originally built that way though.  The house is big because it has had addition after addition heaped upon it.  In addition to the main house, David's farm house is surrounded by stock-sheds, stores, stables, barns, wash-houses, dairies, cheese-rooms, and farm-hands' rooms.  All of that is further surrounded by cultivated farm land.  I'm not sure how big each field is, but David tells his readers that 3-4 fields of distance are between the house and woods in any direction.  

The house is a combination of wood timbers, brick and stones, which makes sense.  The house is mostly made of random additions.  It makes sense that building materials would change.