Describe and explain what would happen if you rode a bicycle on an area of  lower friction such as ice?

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Friction is a force that opposes motion. In order for us to move (from rest) and to keep moving, we need friction. This means that a lot of energy has to be spent on overcoming the friction. However, there are benefits of friction as well. Friction  (between road surface and wheels) is the reason we are able to stop our vehicles. 

If we are driving or biking on a low friction surface, such as ice, it would be very difficult for us to maintain control over the vehicle (or bike) or stop. There are very good chances that we may fall down. We are imagine a similar situation. Think what happens when we try to walk over ice in regular shoes. Lack of friction means that we find it really difficult to maintain control and walk. We actually slip and fall down. In case of a bicycle, biking would become difficult. One can imagine that efforts to paddle will result in slipping of bike, since maintaining forward direction, without friction, is a challenge.

One may need to use different tires, with additional grip, to provide some friction. This is similar to use of snow tires and/or chains in case of cars.

Hope this helps. 

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