Describe the evolution of women's sports from the 1920s to the present and, in doing so, make reference to some pioneering people and moments.

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Women's sports probably paralleled the suffragette movement. Women's sports were taken seriously and probably discourages as a personal or psychological invasion of the men's world and probably looked upon as shirking their family responsibilities for temporary enjoyment. Most of the early women's sports were for the rich, such as polo, tennis, archery, and golf. It wasn't until after the Olympics in Paris of 1900 that more and more women's groups were being formed and more and more sports started to become popular. Though women's sports still lag behind men's sports in popular prestige, power, and influence, there have been recent surges in women's spots to make it attractive financially, such as the Ladies Professional Golf Association with Michelle Wie competing against the men and Annika Sorenstam also.

Notable female athletes since the 1920s have been:

1) Mildred (Babe) Didrikson Zaharias from amateur to professional athletics

2) Billie Jean King defeating Bobby Riggs in a tennis match

3) Evonne Cawley and Chris Everett propelling the sport of tennis

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