Describe the events that happened from the last day of Passover until Pentacost in Night by Elie Wiesel.

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On the seventh day of Passover the Germans arrested the Jewish community leaders. The Jews did not know what was exactly happening and some did not think that the Nazi's were all that evil, which was a tragic mistake.

In addition, the Jew were not allowed to leave their houses for three days.  After this, the Jews had to start wearing a yellow star in public to distinguish themselves  (all Jews over six years of age). Along with this the Germans set up two ghettos. It appeared for a time that this was all the actions that they Germans were going to do and so life just went one.

However, before Pentecost, Wiesel's father learned that a new plan was in motion. In short, the ghetto was to be cleared and everyone was to be sent to another location. This was the beginning of the long train ride.