describe the english literature.full description.

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Describe English Literature..Eng Lit chiefly refers to British Writing as Britian was called England in ancient times.English Language stemmed from Greek and Latin.Eng Lit is divided into Elizabethan,Clasical;Neo-clasical;Romantic:Victorian:Modern and Post-Colonial acording to the time it had been developed.The Elizabethan Age is also refered to as the Age of Shakespeare.The Classical Tims are also called the Age of Pope.The Romantic Period is referred to as the Golden Age of the Development of Eng.Lit.The Victorian Age is considered as the Golden Age of the Novel Form.The Modern age is also known as the Contemporary Times.The Post Modern Age gave birth to the Theatre of the Absurd.Apart from The U.K.Eng Lit began to be written in the U.S.also.It spread to Asia especially to India too.Now-a-days it is also developing in Africa.These were colonies earlier so were not able to contribute to writing but after the emancipation of slave countries they too began writing literary works specially novels.Lit is divided into poetry as for example lyrics&prose as for example drama.Sidney was a great Elizabethan Poet.Shakespeare is still considered as a renowed dramatist.Prose can be further classified into drama&novels.Samuel Becket was a playwright.Goldsmith was a novelist.The story is also a branch of prose.Maugham was a story-writer.The novella was a short novel.Poetry is classified into short poems called lyrics.My Heart Leaps up When I Behold a Rainbow in the Sky is a famous sonnet.A sonnet is a 14 line poem divided into an octave(1st 8 lines)and a sestet(last 6 lines)or into couplets.Sonnets are redivided into Shakespearan and Petrarchan.Gradually lit written in other languages began to be translated into Eng to popularise it amongst a larger reading crowd.e.g.7 Steps in the Sky is a translation of Saat Pagla Aakashma by Kundanika Kapadia.The Wreck by Rabindranath Tagore is translated from Nauka Doobi.

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