Describe the encounter and Hamlet's behavior to Ophelia as she reports it to Polonius in Act 2.this question is from the book Hamlet by William Shakespeare.. plzzz help out..

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Ophelia is quite distraught when she comes to see her father after Hamlet has visited her (after Polonius asked her to make herself scarce to Hamlet). She recounts this story:

Ophelia was in her room, sewing, when Hamlet walked up to her--looking a mess.  His clothes were disheveled, his knees were knocking, and he had a look on his face

"As if he had been loosed out of hell to speak of horrors."

He didn't speak to her, though.  He simply took her wrist, walked away from her, and dramatically placed his arm upon his brow.  Then,

"He falls to such perusal of [her] face as he would draw it." 

He stayed that way for a long time; then he shook her arm a bit, nodded his head three times, then

"raised a sigh so piteous and profound

As it did seem to shatter all his bulk

And end his being." 

Finally, he walks out the door backward, maintaining his gaze with her until he left. 

That's enough evidence for Polonius--obviously Hamlet is mad for her love. Ophelia is just afraid Hamlet has gone mad, though she does not necessarily attribute that to lovesickness, as Polonius does. We, as audience, find this rather out of character and melodramatic, making it one of the rare comic moments in the play.

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