Describe theĀ 'Employment Act 1963, 88, 89' and give a simple example of what a student working with IT in a school/college should look out for?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Employment Act of 1989 in the UK was an amendment made to the Sexual Discrimination Act of 1975, and it is described as follows:

An Act to amend the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 in pursuance of the Directive of the Council of the European Communities, dated 9th February 1976, on the implementation of the principle of equal treatment for men and women as regards access to employment, vocational training and promotion, and working conditions; to repeal or amend prohibitions or requirements relating to the employment of young persons and other categories of employees; to make other amendments of the law relating to employment and training; to repeal section 1(1)(a) of the Celluloid and Cinematograph Film Act 1922; to dissolve the Training Commission; to make further provision with respect to industrial training boards; to make provision with respect to the transfer of staff employed in the Skills Training Agency; and for connected purposes.

Basically what the Act is protecting is the correct age at which youths should be employed, and the conditions under which training for youths and adults should be provided.

In the case of the discrimination against employment and training, one interesting removal from the original Act is that people employed by learning institutions do not anymore have to belong to a specific religious institution, and basically separates church and state, which is a similar situation as in the United States government school system.

The Employment Act of 1989 echoed the Children and Young Persons Act of 1963 in that it specifies the working conditions of young persons, and prevents modern day "slavery" and overworking of children.

A student working in IT has to be very careful with this because at many occasions children are asked to participate as testers or performers in computer programs geared for academics, and education.

Special consideration has to be given to the age and contract of the child, as well as with working conditions and the consent that is required from the parents in all aspects. IT students also need to address the needs and special considerations for training purposes that may arise as a result of the company's new programs, and the same training opportunities should be provided for everyone alike.

Basically, the Act is a way to specify rights, ages, conditions, and to ensure equal opportunity and avoid any form of abuse in the work fields.