Describe Eliezer's plan if he is selected for death at Birkenau.  

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When another prisoner suggests that the "poor devils" are headed for the crematorium, Eliezer breaks into a cold sweat and tells his father that he has no desire to die a slow death and will run into the electrified barbed wire fence instead. The group of men are marched closer and closer to the pit of fire, and Eliezer weighs his options and attempts to gather his strength to commit suicide. Instead of being plunged into the pit, however, the group is ordered to turn left and to return to their barracks. 

Eliezer lives, but is forced to watch as the smoke from burnt bodies of small children rises into the sky. He describes this moment as the one which murdered his God and soul and turned his dreams into ash. 

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After being separated from his mothers and sisters and watching babies being thrown into a burning fire in a ditch, Eliezer first thinks about throwing himself into the ditch. His next thought is to through himself against the electric wires that surround the camp. Eventually, he loses the chance to kill himself that way when the prisoners are marched past the fire and then past the electric fence.

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He was either going to throw himself into the ditch of fire or through himself against the electric fence surrounding the camp.

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he thinks about the feture and then he relise he want to keep living his lifebecause he sems how the people have burn and babies too