Describe Ehrlich's physical condition and state of mind immediately following the accident?

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In one of the most poignant, terrifying, and objectively absurd autobiographical accounts of the 1990's, Gretel Ehrlich was walking her dogs on her Wyoming ranch when quite suddenly, she was struck by lightning.

Ehrlich's mental state immediately following this event was understandably disjointed. She says that for a while she was in a dreamlike state, akin to being at the bottom of the ocean. Eventually, she heard a heartbeat, and another, and realized that the beat was the sound of her heart starting back up again. Eventually, in the dream, she was brought back up into the light.

Ehrlich awoke from this reverie into a horrifying reality. She was lying in a pool of her own blood, and was unable to move both of her legs or one of her arms. For a while, she was understandable confused. She assumed for some time that she had been shot. Only when she heard the thunder overhead did she realize that she had been struck by lighting. She describes that for some time, she was attempting to collect herself in order to die properly and with dignity. However, when it became clear that she would not die in that moment, she passed out again from the strain of moving even slightly.

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