Describe the effects Columbus' voyages had on Spain.

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Columbus’ exploratory voyages had several effects on Spain. Because of his exploration new foodstuffs were introduced, Spain became more powerful, and the Age of Exploration was enhanced. As exploration continued, Spain gained land and treasures from what are now Mexico and Peru, including rich silver mines. These riches brought new found, although temporary, power for Spain. As Spain’s influence grew, other countries expanded their explorations to the New World as they attempted to reap the benefits that new land and wealth bring.

Although, Columbus did not find a route to Asia, he did find land that was unfamiliar to Europeans.  These lands were inhabited by native people who introduced the voyagers to new vegetation such as corn, potatoes, and tomatoes. These foods were introduced in Spain and other European countries becoming mainstays in European diets.

Columbus indirectly changed the course of history for Spain by opening avenues for further exploration.

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