Describe the effects of colonization on both the people of Africa and the Europeans. 

gsenviro | Student

Generally, colonialism negatively affected the Africans and resulted in more positive benefits for the Europeans. 

Europeans brought diseases, a different lifestyle, and the Christian religion to the continent of Africa. They also started shipping Africans as slaves to other colonies (mainly the US). Europeans also exploited the natural resources of their colonies. The native practices were dubbed "backwards" and shunned, while European practices were imposed on people, especially with respect to religion. Back home, the continued colonialism gave a sense of power to the Europeans and the assumption that they were born to rule others. 

Africans, who once were owners of their lands and country, were now slaves to the Europeans. Once the men were sold and shipped as slaves, the women had to work in the fields. This meant less time for the family and a drastic change in their lifestyles as earlier (before colonialism set in) women usually tended to the household affairs, while men worked to earn money. There may have been some positive aspects, such as somewhat improved education, medical advances and transportation systems.  

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