describe each of Wilson's foreign policies relating to Jones Act of 1916 and Sending Secretary of State, W.J. Bryan to meet with California legislatures regarding the Japanese?

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Jones Law created the framework for the election of both the upper and lower house of the Philippine legislature. This law marked the first formal declaration of the United States’ commitment to eventual independence for the Philippines. It said that independence would be grated as soon as a stable government was created, but it was still up to the U.S. to determine when that would happen. It was signed into law by president Wilson, who’s standing as a Democrat helped him work the bill through the Senate.

Wilson sent Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan to California when Japanese ambassador Chinda contacted the Wilson government about the anti-Japanese legislation passed in both California and Washington. Bryan thought he could solve the problem, but his idea of spreading the Japanese around the country to alleviate stress over their presence, but this venture was mostly a failure.