In Lowry's The Giver, describe each member of Jonas's family using the information from the sharing of feelings after dinner.

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The discussion in question takes place at the end of chapter 1, and in chapter 2, as Jonas anxiously awaits his twelfth birthday. Lily, age seven in this chapter, shows her immaturity and inexperience while dealing with others her age when she says, "I felt very angry this afternoon," (5). The problem was solved after Father talked her through other people's perspectives. Jonas realizes that her feelings "were always straightforward, fairly simple, [and] usually easy to resolve" (7). Through this scene we see that the father is caring and respectful to the children. Then it is revealed that he is a Nurturer, one who takes care of babies, and his personality seems to be explained. But he goes on to tell about his concern for a special baby at his work and that he will not give up on him. Mother shows that she cares for other people too when she explains how sad she was to see a repeat-offender back in her courtroom. Both parents are educated and caring individuals. Jonas realizes after discussing his feelings that he is not much different from everyone else because his parents both tell how they were excited for the Ceremony of Twelve at his age, too. They use logical reasoning to explain that whatever calling he receives at twelve will be a good thing for his life.