Describe each of the five characters Mitty daydreams himself to be. 

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amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As the story begins, Walter is in the middle of a daydream. He is the commander of a hydroplane. His lieutenant warns him that the conditions are too harsh but Walter (Commander) shows daring and bravery and orders them to go ahead. His wife wakes him out of this daydream by scolding him for driving too fast.

In his next daydream, Walter is a famous surgeon. Two specialists are working on a millionaire banker who happens to be friends with Roosevelt. They are apprehensive about operating so they turn it over to Walter. He is brought out of this daydream by the parking lot attendant.

In the next dream, he is an overconfident defendant in a murder trial.

Next, he is a supremely brave pilot who downs a lot of brandy before he takes off to fly "forty kilometers through hell."

Finally, after some more scolding from his wife, Walter stands against he wall of the drug store. He dreams of facing a firing squad. Again, he exhibits unshakable confidence in the face of danger. He is "inscrutable to the last." This means that he is mysterious, hard to read, and certainly hard to comprehend how he could be so brave (in his dreams).

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