Describe each character from "The Bronze Bow" with at least 3 characteristics and examples:  Daniel, Rosh, Simon, Joel, Thacia, Leah, and Sampson.

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Daniel is the main character of the story. He has “bold features, a sun-browned skin, and dark eyes.” He is kind, for he abandons his fellow rebels to take care of his frail sister. He cares deeply for his sister and is happy to see her transform slowly into a less fearful and more productive individual after they move to Simon’s house. He even buys her a fine cloth of “clear fresh blue” so that she can be as well clothed as Thacia. Daniel greatly hates the Romans. He blames them for the deaths of many people close to him—his father, uncle, mother, Samson, and Nathan. Jesus tells him that in order to achieve the kingdom of God he has to “give up his hate.”

Rosh is the leader of the band of rebels that lives in the mountains surrounding Galilee. He rescues Daniel from starvation after he runs away from his cruel master, Amalek. Rosh is a “squat man with a thick body, a short muscular neck, and a grizzled head that appears to thrust out directly from the powerful...

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