Describe each character from "The Bronze Bow" with at least 3 characteristics and examples:  Daniel, Rosh, Simon, Joel, Thacia, Leah, and Sampson.

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daniel has bold features, dark skin and dark eyes.

"Throughout most of the novel, Daniel is motivated solely by his consuming hatred for the Romans who have killed his father and his uncle."

Joel is a very intelligent boy who has learned to make sandals

"Joel is a caring person and a progressive young man."

Rosh is a big man, he has a short, powerful body.  He is a leader of a group of men, he rescues Daniel after he runs away from his master.

"Rosh’s hatred and lust for revenge have warped his soul and distorted any original values he may have possessed."

Simon is a friend of Daniel, he leaves everything behind to follow Jesus. He is a wise man, who owns his own blacksmith shop.

"And like Jesus, Simon does not beg or demand that others join him in following God’s love."

Thacia is Joel's sister.  She is a very pretty girl with dark hair. 

"Malthace, or Thacia,  is intelligent and fearless, and she consistently presents herself as an equal."

Leah is Daniel's 15 year old sister, she is blond with blue eyes.

"The power of love is perhaps most strongly realized in Leah’s character, for love alone is able to transform her from a cowering, isolated girl into a welcoming and beautiful young woman."

Samson is a black slave, a large man. He cannot hear or speak, but he loves Daniel.

"Samson may be the most pure character in the novel, for he has no other motivation other than love and gratitude"   

anvi-is-awsum | Student

Joktan is red headed and works for Rosh's rebel.

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