Describe the "dying city" of Philadelphia through Mattie's point of view.

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Once a thriving city, Philadelphia has become a place where dead bodies are lying everywhere. There are also trenches that have been dug to place the dead. Thieves are taking advantage of the sick, weak, and dead. When Matilda goes to the market, it is closed, and rats are all over the place. Matilda finds Nell crying beside her dead mother, and Nell is one of many orphans whose parents have died or who have been separated from their families. The orphanage is filled with crying children who are scared and hungry.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the city of Philadelphia people are panicked.  Many have left town and shops and houses are vacant.  People have died by he masses.  Bodies lie everywhere and mass graves have been dug to hold the bodies of the fever victims.  Trash and debris blow around the city.  Rats have mass produced and run rampant around the city.  Few farmers go into the city because of fear of catching the fever and those that do charge very high prices for their goods, so there is a food shortage.  People who don't die from the fever begin to starve.  In the beginning of August it was one of the highest populated cities.  More than half of the people had left town and at least 3,000 that stayed behind had died from the fever.

Emma | Student

Its was horrible...