Describe American culture during the 1950s.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

American culture in the 1950s is generally said to have been a culture of conformity.  It is also said that cracks were beginning to appear in that conformist culture.

Americans in the 1950s were mostly interested in working hard and getting ahead.  They had had the Great Depression and WWII and just wanted life to be safe and stable.  This emphasis on work (much of which went on in big companies) helped to push them towards conformity.  The fear of being seen as a communist contributed to this as well.

Of course, there were cracks appearing in this facade.  The Civil Rights Movement was starting to appear.  So were calls for women's rights.  The rock and roll era was starting, with teen rebellion and delinquency becoming matters of concern for American adults.

In these ways, America in the '50s was generally prosperous and conformist, but the conformity, at least, was beginning to weaken.