Describe the dining hall & classroom in To Sir, with Love.

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In Chapter 3 of To Sir, With Love, Mr. Braithwaite describes the "dining-hall-cum-gymnasium" as encompassing most of the ground floor of the school.  At a table set apart from the rows of student tables the faculty sits.  Sitting in groups of eight, the students are seated, with two of each group responsible for collecting and distributing the food for their group. Braithwaite writes that both boys and girls share this responsibility, displaying remarkable skill in portioning the food.  At the end of each course, the servers stackthe dishes, and at the end of the meal the tablecloths are shaken and folded, and then the group quietly awaits the dismissal bell.

When the faculty is finished eating, Mr. Florian rises and the students grow quiet. Signaling to them, the students leave the dining hall quietly.  But, then, they assemble in the courtyard near the church where they dance to swing music during the midday dance session.

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