Describe the different types of failure that can occur in IT development projects?  Briefly explain your answer.

sciencesolve | Student

There exist many factors that are involved in IT development projects' success, where customer's satisfaction and the preservation of budget's limits can be considered among the top factors.

Since the management framework of a project needs to be based on the following important key elements--processes, people, systems and organizational structure--it is to detect a list of symptoms that can be classified as warning signs, before the IT project's falling down, including:

- the project has no well defined structure and it contains no details;

- the project has unrealistic expectations, deviating from it's original goals;

- the non-financial resources are inadequately budgeted;

- the original requirements and specifications change frequently;

- the IT management misses and there is no one in charge for the project.

Hence, if these symptoms are not identified in time, IT development projects risk to fail. An IT development project fails when it becomes unpaired or unvalued.

Taking a closer look at the symptoms that announce the failure risk of a project, you can identify the causes that lead the project to failure:

- communication failure: the goal of the project is not well established and communicated;

- the lack of project's structure and executive support;

- the improper selection and use of project's methodology;

- the lack of elements of project management process.