Describe the differences between Asagai and George Murchinson in A Raisin in the Sun.

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George Murchinson is a rich man. He and his family are quite snobbish because of their wealthy status. He is a college prep.

Beneatha states that the only thing worse than rich, white people is rich colored folk. Although Beneatha is dating George, she prefers Asagai. She only dates George to pass the time away. He does take her to the theater, and she enjoys that. When she comes out of her room dressed in African clothes, he makes fun. He says that they are going to the theater, not going to be in it. Beneatha resents his comments. That is why she prefers to be with Asagai.

Asagai is from Nigeria. He still has his Yoruba accent. He respects his homeland so much until he refuses to assimilate. He gives Beneatha clothes from Africa. He realizes that Beneatha is truly interested in her African roots. Asagai truly cares about Beneatha and he asks her to go with him to Africa.

Beneatha prefers to be with Asagai becasue he is down-to-earth. He does not keep up a facade. He is a real man who has sincere, genuine feelings for Beneatha and he is teaching her about his homeland.


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