Describe the differences between American and British vocabulary?answer in detail

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is no way to really describe the differences other than to say that the two versions of English use different words for many things.  It is also true that the two nations use different spellings.  For example, the British put "u's" in various words like "labour" or "colour" where we Americans do not.  But I do not see this as vocabulary.

Some differences in vocabulary inlcude:

  • The British say "lorry" where we say "truck."
  • They say "coach" where we would say "bus."
  • They say "life" where we would say "elevator."
  • They say "football" where we would say "soccer."

There are many other examples.  Please follow the link to see a few more.

lit24 | Student

Some of the common differences between American and British vocabulary are as follows:

American British

Fall                                        Autumn

cookie                                    biscuit

apartment                               flat

truck                                     lorry

pub                                       bar

The differences in vocabulary between American English and British English actually originated in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries when the early settlers from England brought to North America the native languages of their homelands. The early British settlers soon discovered that their native language was not adequate for life on a different continent. The new articles and objects  they encountered necessitated their adapting the meanings of existing English words or coining entirely new words.