The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

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In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, describe the various differences between Anne and her mother. With whom do you sympathize more—Anne or her mother?

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In The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne reveals that her relationship with her mother is always strained and they have never been able to satisfactorily resolve their differences as Anne sees them. She recognizes the relationship her sister Margot has with their mother which also prevents Anne from forming a meaningful relationship with Margot and the only person Anne truly feels comfortable with is her father. 

In Anne's very first entry to her diary dated 12 June 1942, Anne relishes the chance to use her diary as a "great source of comfort and support" because she has never been able to enjoy that with her mother. Although it is not explicitly stated, it will become obvious as the diary unfolds. Shortly after going to stay in the Annex, Anne fells that she is disconnected from her mother and sister and on July 12 1942 she expresses her resentment that she is treated differently from her very clever sister to the point of saying that she doesn't "fit in with them." Anne's mother would never be sarcastic with Margot but is always "carping' at Anne.  

Anne is different from her mother who takes "the opposite view of everything" ( August 12 1942) but Anne does admit early on in her diary that they both talk a lot, something Anne feels she cannot change. However, Anne expresses her developing differences with her mother as she reveals how she is basically "a stranger" (27 September 1942) to her mother who does not "even know what I think about the most ordinary things," to the point of being "alien to me." Anne's mother does not make allowances for Anne and this just broadens the gap between them. She is always anxious although the whole family do their best under the difficult circumstances. However, Anne...

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