Describe the difference between a Single Trade Discount versus a Discount Series?

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A single trade discount is a one-off benefit extended to the buyer when the individual makes a purchase that meets certain conditions to qualify for the discount. The conditions may include bulk purchasing, cash purchasing, or the items might be sold during a sale promotion. For instance, a seller might extend a 20% discount if the buyer purchases $10,000 or more worth of product. Thus, the discount will only come into effect once the total value purchased meets the discount.

A discount series, on the other hand, is a discount provided through a combination of conditions. In such a transaction, the seller extends different discounts once certain conditions are met. For instance, the seller might extend a sale promotion discount of 10% and a bulk purchase discount (100 items) of 20% on the same item. Thus, if a buyer purchases 20 items they will only get the 10% promotion discount, but if they purchase 110 items, they will get both the 10% sale promotion and the bulk purchase discount of 20%. Thus, 10% will first be deducted from the total value and an additional 20% deducted from the remainder.

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A single trade discount is a discount that is given to a customer (usually a wholesaler) when the customer buys a product.  The discount is expressed simply as a single discount of a given percentage.  For example, a 25% discount on the purchase.

By contrast, a discount series is expressed as a number of separate discounts.  For example, a seller could say they were offering three discounts -- one of 10%, one of 8% and one of 7%.

The series discount would sound like it adds up to a 25% discount but it would not actually be as much because each successive discount is taken from a price that includes the previous discount (s).

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