Describe the difference between Renaissance and Colonialism.

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This is rather like describing the difference between apples and the kitchen sink. The Renaissance, when used with a definite article, refers to a period in Early Modern Europe marked by rapid changes in science, religion, government, and economy. The term means "rebirth" and refers to a revival of classical learning. By analogy, periods of sudden cultural flowerings in other contexts may be referred to by the term the X Renaissance (Harlem, Carolingian, 12th Century, etc.)

Colonialism refers to an wealthy and powerful nation claiming territories and resources of other less well developed nations which are geographically separate without actual conquest of the form that would incorporate the new territory into the old. This Rome conquered Italy in antiquity, but Greece planted colonies in Sicily. The Renaissance was a period in which many European nations became colonial powers.

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Renaissance is a period in time in European history form the 14th to 17th centuries when Europeans rediscovered Latin, Greek, and Arab knowledge.

Colonialism is a policy of a government which can exist at any time. Carthage was a colony or Tyre. South Carolina was a colony of England. Mexico was a colony of Spain. Before that, most of what is now Mexico was colonies of the Aztecs.

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uhm,..renaissance is an era of enlightenment wherein there's a development with changes, it develops, it progresses. from dark to light...while colonialism has something to do with TERRITORIES...its expansion, system, and features.

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