Describe the device invented by Faber. How will Montag use it?

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I assume that you are referring to the device that Faber gives Montag to put in his ear.

The device (referred to as "the bullet") is about the size and shape of a .22 caliber bullet.  It fits in the ear and people will not necessarily know it's there.  It is a two-way communications device.  Faber presumably has some sort of device in his house that communicates with the bullet.  It lets him speak to Montag and it lets him hear whatever is going on around Montag.

Montag is going to use the device to help subvert the society he lives in.  Faber will, for example, tell him what to say to people.  He will also talk to Montag to help him understand and resist things that Beatty says to him (that are meant to force Montag to conform).  So Faber will kind of talk Montag through his days, helping him to try to make people doubt the society they live in.

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