Describe the developmental events of the spermatogonia cells and the primary spermatocytes? 

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In brief illustration, primary spermatocytes came from spermatogonium (plural: spermatogonia). These two kinds of cells are involved in the production of spermatozoa or sperm cell. These processes are collectively known as the spermatogenesis.  

spermatogonium is an undifferentiated germ cell of the male reproductive system. These immature cells are produced in the lumen and undergo three transitions. These are Type A (d) spermatocytes, Type A (p) spermatocytes and the type B spermatocytes.  

primary spermatocyte is a gametocyte of a male organism that is produced from the spermatogonia, specifically the Type B spermatogonium. It further divides to produce the secondary spermatocyte through meiotic cell division. 

The Secondry spermatocytes have evolved generally from the primary spermatocyte through meiotic cell division. The produced cells are haploid cells. 


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