Describe the development of Tom and Daisy's relationship in The Great Gatsby.

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the beginning, we know that Tom cheats on Daisy. She is not happy with this, but ignores it. Then we see that Daisy still has feelings for Jay.  She spends time with him during the day and then goes to his party with Tom, but spends time with Jay.  We are led to believe that she might leave Tom and go off with Jay.

Then in chapter 7 we finally meet Pammy, who represents the "family" that Daisy and Tom have begun together.  We begin to see that Jay's dream isn't realistic. In the same chapter they all decide to drive into town. In the hotel room we see the slow change in Daisy.  She hears words out of Tom's mouth like "bootlegger" and "common swindler" that make her realize who Jay really is.  She begins to believe Tom's words--she always seems to listen to him, even when he's not 100% right.  When Jay pushes and tells Tom that she doesn't love him, Tom jumps into the conversation. Tom even reminds her of the times they'd shared together that were the good times, even romantic, loving times.   She then tells Jay that she "did love [Tom] once" but she "loved [Jay] too."

The final change in their relationship is when they cover up the death of Myrtle.  They move on together as if nothing happened and leave everyone else to clean up their mess. By the end, their relationship has come full circle.

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