Describe the development of the relationship between John and Lenina.i don't see any development, i hope you can help me. Thanks

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Lenina and John first meet each other in chapter seven when she is on a date with Bernard. She and Bernard go to the reservation where John has grown up and she is first very disgusted at the strange environment around her. The people there are dirty and stinky to her; but, when she meets John, she finds the gumption to stare at him.

Lenina was smiling at him; such a nice-looking boy, she was thinking, and a really beautiful body. The blood rushed up to the young man's face; he dropped his eyes, raised them again for a moment only to find her still smiling at him, and was so much overcome that he had to turn away to pretend to be looking very hard at something on the other side of the square (137).

This first meeting can certainly be contrasted with their later meeting in chapter thirteen after they have tip-toed around their feelings for awhile. Lenina decides to throw herself at the naive John and makes the first move. Sadly, he doesn't respond like she would have liked. He is not used to a woman taking control of the situation like that; plus, he wanted to court her like he saw done in his home town and in the Shakespearean plays that he read. Two totally opposite worlds collide, he calls her some very bad names, and leaves her standing there alone (233). Hence, the relationship between Lenina and John goes from basic attraction and puppy-love to a profession of feelings, and ends with a horrible miscommunication.