Brave New World Questions and Answers
by Aldous Huxley

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Describe the development of the relationship between John and Lenina. i don't see any development, i hope you can help me. Thanks

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John and Lenina have painful and fractured encounters that end badly because of their very different cultural understandings of relationships between men and women. John, called the Savage, has grown up in a very traditional society where women are expected to be faithful to one male sexual partner, love him to the exclusion of other men, and behave in a very sexually modest and virginal manner. 

Lenina has grown up in a "brave new world" in which she has been strictly conditioned against growing too attached to any one person. The group is all-important, and sexual fidelity to one person would be considered highly deviant behavior. Women are fully expected to move from sex partner to sex partner and never to get more than superficially involved with one male. Orgies are a regular part of life in this culture. For a woman to approach a male with sexual overtures is completely normal.

Linda, John's mother, who was also raised in the brave new world, is considered a whore for having...

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