Describe the development in the North after the Civil War.  

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Despite the horrible conditions of the South after the Civil War, there was prosperity in the North. New laws were passed that helped the economy prosper. More goods were produced in the North by Americans and helped boost the economy. Goods from Asia and Europe became expensive to import, so the sale of goods was on the rise after the Civil War. 

In 1863, the government passed the National Bank Act. During the time before the Civil War, each state was in control of its bank and differed from state to state. The National Bank Act made the national bank stronger than the state banks and created a single national currency. 

Railroads also began popping up all over the North. Congress had given money to build railroads even before the Civil War. Work started on both ends of the country from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. Many immigrats from Ireland and China worked on the raidroad. The railroad was completed in 1869.