Describe in details Hitler's last days.     

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hitler's last days were times of desperation, despondency, and ultimately hopelessness. As German forces were approaching in Berlin, Hitler and his immediate staff retreated to the Fuhrer-bunker, specially built under the Reich-ministry in case of attack. He celebrated his 56th Birthday in the bunker, ten days before his death. He experienced some momentary euphoria upon receiving word that President Franklin D. Roosevelt had died, but soon retreated to despondency. Film strips of him a few days before his death indicate that he was pale, disoriented, and apparently despondent. His right hand, positioned behind his back, trembled severely. He received periodic injections of vitamins and calming agents from his physician, and when the end was near, married his mistress, Eva Braun in a ceremony in the bunker. The ceremony was attended by his immediate staff and celebrated with champagne and a wedding cake. He then dictated his Last Will and Testament to his secretary after which he and his new wife retreated to his study. He gave a cyanide capsule to his pet dog, Blondi, to make sure it worked--it did. He and Eva then swallowed the capsules, but in order to assure his sudden death, he shot himself in the temple.

Hitler's body was taken outside the bunker, covered in a blanket and doused with gasoline in an attempt to cremate it. His body was ultimately discovered by Russian troops; however the Soviet Government kept this fact secret for many years, leading to widespread speculation for some time after the war that Hitler was still alive.


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