Describe in detail what the ideal traits are of a police officer and why?

Expert Answers
dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ideal traits of a law enforcement officer are many, a few would include:

Attention to detail--officer's are called upon to give testimony in court. They are trained in the skills of observation and in note taking skills. Both of these skills should be honed to deliver accurate information. Inaccurate information can change the outcome of the case.  

Honesty--law enforcement officer's must be honest and above board in order to fulfill the requirements of the position. Officer's are not to accept gifts or money from the public.                                   

Dutiful--a sense of duty to the force and to the public they serve must be evident in the officer's actions.

chris1345 | Student

Honesty - There will be many times that a police officer's word is the deciding factor in a decision that will affect another person's life in a major way. A police officer must be honest even when the truth is difficult or puts friends or relatives at odds with them.


Integrity - Since police officers are in a position of public trust, this trait is a necessity. If the citizens do not trust the police, then their ability to protect the citizens will be in jeopardy. Police officers must maintain professionalism and be committed to a high level of standards and the law.


Loyalty - Police officers take a sworn duty to their community, their country, the laws and/or their department. A loyal police officer is crucial because they may be called upon to meet many challenges and face danger. We expect them to do their jobs even when their own life is in danger. A loyal person will have an easier time performing under stress because they are devoted to their job and to protecting their community.