Describe in detail what Gulliver finds when he wakes up on the island.

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When Gulliver wakes up in Lilliput, he sees that it is "just Day-light," and he realizes that he is unable to move his body at all.  At first, he can see nothing but the sky since he is unable to turn his head from side to side.  However, as he bends his eyes downward as far as possible, he sees, walking on his body toward his face, a human-like creature holding a bow and arrow, though the creature is fewer than six inches tall.  When he feels some forty more of these advancing on his person, he yells out, and they scatter.  At this point, he pulls against the ligatures tying his hair down on one side so that he can turn his head, and he sees a small stage to which a "person of Quality" mounts in order to deliver a long speech of which Gulliver cannot understand one word. 

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