Describe in detail, Siddhartha's "Enlightment" experience from Bernardo Bertolucci's film Little Buddha. How was he tempted?

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The scene takes place under a big tree in the mountains and is narrated to the three kids selected by Lama Norbu in his search for the reincarnation of his dead teacher. The three kids visualize the scene. First Siddhartha was tempted by five girls who looked innocent, but who were, in fact, the five daughters of Mara, the Lord of Darkness. The Lama narrating the story describes them as the spirits of pride, greed, fear, ignorance and desire. While four daughters are dancing in front of Siddhartha, the fifth breaks a jug of water which flows all around Siddhartha. The Lama comments that Mara had been clever because he had disguised temptation in the simplest forms. However, Siddhartha remains indifferent to temptations, irritating Mara who causes a violent storm. Although the setting of the scene is in the mountains, the scene of the storm also brings a very rough sea with high waves in front of Siddhartha who remains impassive. The storm is then replaced by an army of archers whose flaming arrows do not reach Siddhartha and turn into leaves and petals when he does not show any fear. Yet, Mara is still not vanquished. As Siddhartha plunges one of his hands in the pool of water at his feet, a double of him emerges and asks him to be his God. The double is in fact Mara in disguise and Siddhartha is able to unmask him and triumphs over him.

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