Describe in detail how the symbol of blood in The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, shows the protagonist's descent into insanity.

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When Esther bleeds, the blood marks major points in her life.

In Chapter 9, Esther meets Marco, whom she terms "a woman-hater." She describes him as like a god: "invulnerable and chock-full of power." Marco proves her correct as he later throws her to the ground to rape her, but Esther resists, kicking him and punching him in the nose. When his nose bleeds, Marco smears this blood on her cheeks, staining them as he demands his diamond pin which she put into her handbag. After she returns, Esther throws her clothes, one by one, off the building. In Chapter 10, she writes, "The face in the mirror looked like a sick Indian." The transformation has involved suffering, and she leaves the blood on her face as she takes the train back home.

Then, in Chapter 12, after her mother has taken her to Dr. Gordon, a psychiatrist, Esther is...

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