Describe Daniel's home on the mountain in The Bronze Bow.  

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In the beginning of The Bronze Bow, Daniel, the protagonist, lives in the mountain camp of Rosh, who leads a band of men dedicated to overthrowing Roman rule. Daniel's mountain home is rustic, but there are things about it that he loves. To reach the camp requires a difficult climb up a rocky mountainside. The men who live in the camp, including Daniel, sleep in a cave on top of animal skins. They cook meat over an open fire outside the cave. Daniel has a rough forge outside the cave in the open air where he performs his blacksmith duties. Food such as raw vegetables and water in goatskins are kept in the back of the cave to stay cool. Daniel loves the freedom of living on the mountain, the fresh air, and the wind. More than the physical setting, however, he loves the lack of responsibility; the distance from the Roman soldiers, who he hates; and the feeling of knowing he is doing something to free his land of Roman rule. 

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