Describe Daniel bar Jamin from The Bronze Bow

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Daniel bar Jamin is lonely and bitter.  Almost everyone in his family has died, both directly and indirectly, at the hands of the Romans.  He is taken into slavery, but is able to escape.  His hatred toward the Romans leads him to vow to avenge the deaths of his family.  Daniel becomes friends with Rosh, who is a rebel reader.  Rosh believes in using forceful means to achieve his goals, and Daniel's hateful heart agrees.  Then Daniel begins to hear the messages of Jesus.  Jesus teaches a message of peace.  This conflicts with the revenge Daniel yearns for.  He begins to reflect on the peaceful message of Jesus, as well as the healing and feeding of hungry people.  He contrasts these ideas and actions with those of Rosh, who he once admired.  Later, Jesus heals Daniel's sister, Leah.  She is the last surviving member of his family.  This causes the final change in Daniel's heart, and leads him to become a follower of Jesus.

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