Describe Curzon. Explain what he says he fights for.

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Curzon is a young male slave in the book Chains. His owner is Bellingham, but Curzon enjoys a fair amount of freedom as compared to Isabel, who is worked to the bone by Madam Lockton. Curzon is also an extremely well educated slave when it comes to knowing about politics and the war. This works well for him since he spies for the Patriots against the Loyalists. He even recruits other slaves like Isabel to help him spy. Curzon is also a passionate American Patriot. He believes in the revolutionary cause to his core. He even is unafraid to publicly call himself an American soldier.

Curzon is also a devoted and caring friend to Isabel. He is one of the first characters to show her any kindness, when he shows her the Tea Water Pump and takes her to the Lockton's household. He also acquires food for the two of them, but he declares he isn't hungry when he sees how starved Isabel is. Curzon is also the person that enlists Lady Seymour's help for Isabel after her branding. His kindness greatly pays off, because Isabel risks her life and her freedom to break him out of jail and get him out of the city.

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