Describe the current labor relations environment. What are the future trends in labor relations?

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As you know, the economy is not doing well at all. This is not only true of America, but most of the world. Within this climate, all people are intensely worried about the economy. Wealthy individuals want to preserve their wealth and make more money and less wealthy people want strong labor unions to protect themselves. This is where the tension is. Since most companies are running out of money, strong unions with pensions and other benefits are being squeezed.

No one want to compromise. Will labor unions continue? Will they want more? Will companies be able to give them more? These are all questions that are unanswerable at this moment. In my opinion, there will have to be some real compromises. In the end, no one will be happy.

Right now, there is a movement called, "Occupy Wall Street." There is anger in America. Only time will tell what will happen.

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